Comfort… at almost any cost.

In the preceding article we learned that everything is about control and as humans, our need to control people, things, and the environment. In this article, we will go one step further down the rabbit hole and learn why…

We as humans love comfort. Our drive for more money, more things, more food, more, more, more… is fueled by the never-ending need for comfort. Whether it is physical comfort, mental comfort (peace of mind), emotional comfort, or spiritual comfort, being in a state of ease is the primary motivator of why we attempt to control everyone and everything around us.

We love to think that we are highly evolved creatures driven by logic. With the creation of science, math, critical thinking, etc., we like to believe we are driven by the newest part of the brain. This is not the case. We are driven by our emotions and we then attempt to justify our decisions and actions by our logical reasoning. What the subconscious wants most is to protect us and keep us safe, which is another way of saying we have a deep, embedded need to be comfortable.

I once heard a saying from entrepreneur and author Derek Sivers… “If information was all we needed, we’d all be billionaires with six-pack abs.” This pretty much sums up why even though we often know what we need to do and why, our subconscious and our need to be comfortable gets in the way. We have all heard another saying, or something similar… “In order to achieve what we want, we must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Think about this. In order to become physically fit, we must get comfortable with being uncomfortable and develop an exercise routine, inducing some level of eustress (positive, beneficial stress) in order to transform our bodies. To become engaged and married, we must get uncomfortable and ask someone out on a date. In order to increase our income and wealth, we must take on larger roles and solve bigger problems.

In the next article, we go a little further and discuss change. But for now, ask yourself, is the need to control people and circumstances AND your desire to always be comfortable limiting your life and what you want, at least the things and circumstances you think you want at a conscious level?

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