7 Habits of Highly Effective People – YouTube Summary Part 1

Considering the two preceding blog articles have been about control, I came across this great 13-minute video summary of Stephen Covey’s masterful work “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. In this summary, the presenter discusses the concept of external and internal locus of control as Stephen addresses it in the chapter titled “Inside-Out”. Whether you …

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Comfort… at almost any cost.

In the preceding article we learned that everything is about control and as humans, our need to control people, things, and the environment. In this article, we will go one step further down the rabbit hole and learn why… We as humans love comfort. Our drive for more money, more things, more food, more, more, …

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How controllable are you?

With humans, it all starts and ends with control, or more accurately, the illusion of control. Everything that is man-made has to do with controlling the environment and others (people, animals). Everything that is of nature is about survival. With nature, there is no need for control, only the need to survive and evolve in …

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